Fogged beauty

Wonderful shot of Didcot power station (which I pass regularly) in the fog, from the BBC News webpages (link via gilest):

Not the usual view, verbal or visual. I could live with them like this. (Years ago, I remember a friend arguing in defence of the station: 'it adds depth to the plain' …)

I found the Didcot image on the BBC (here) via a link to For a moment there I thought I'd found a whole new raft of BBC News images, but the url seems to point to the same pages as the links we're all used to, the ones beginning Browsing around to check this out, I came across this stunning AP image, captioned 'China's security services provide a rare glimpse of preparations for the 2008 Beijing Olympics':

Not being a lawyer, I'm not entirely clear of the copyright position on either image ('own personal non-commercial use' seems to be OK, which is what this is), so these may have to be taken down, but the link to the original BBC page with the image from China is here.

All in all, I prefer the image of Didcot power station in the fog. Less colourful, but much more calming. What is it with security services and Darth Vader?

le Parkour

One part flaneur, one part breakdancer, skateboarding without the board, kung fu with the city as sparring partner. Parkour is the art of the traceur and it looks and sounds quite beautiful. As an art it was born in France and exists mainly in Europe. But as a practice it must be close to universal, and one wonders how it's never been an art before.

abstractdynamics, via blackbeltjones

Marco Pantani 1970-2004 links Pantani's death to that of other cyclists:

Former Tour de France winner Marco Pantani has died at the age of 34. Italian news agency Ansa reported that his body was found in a hotel room in Rimini. The causes of his death remain unknown, although police reports said no violence was involved. ... Amateur rider Johan Sermon, 21, died in his sleep sometime in the night of Thursday to Friday, according to the Belgian press agency Belga. Autopsy results are pending ... In addition to Sermon, the sport lost French rider Fabrice Salanson, who expired on June 3, 2003 in the Brioches La Boulangere team hotel on the eve of the start of the Tour of Germany ... Spanish climbing sensation Jose Maria Jimenez then disappeared on December 7 and was closely followed by retired Dutch cyclist Michel Zanoli on December 29. Salanson, Jimenez and Zanoli all died of heart failure, and all were labelled dead of natural causes. All, like Sermon, were also tragically young. Zanoli, a world junior champion in 1986 and a stage winner at the Vuelta a Espana, died at age 35. Jimenez was 32, Salanson 23 and Sermon just 21.

Salanson, Jimenez, Zanoli, Sermon ... Coincidence is looking less and less like a possibility.

Tributes to Pantani — here, here and here. (Links via logos.)

Wardrobe Malfunction Scores Highest Reaction Ever on TiVo

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson top the show during Sunday's Super Bowl, attracting almost twice as many viewers as the most thrilling moments on the field, according to an annual measurement of second-by-second viewership in TiVo households. The Jackson-Timberlake moment drew the biggest spike in audience reaction TiVo has ever measured. TiVo said viewership spiked up to 180 percent as hundreds of thousands of households used TiVo's unique capabilities to pause and replay live television to view the incident again and again.