From back in the summer: a friend’s wood, a folly made deep within it over many, many months, stone-by-stone, by two strangers — with a curious and engaging backstory — and, always, the deepest, quietest, heat-filled Devon lanes.

This weekend

This weekend, I realised yet again how we can live for years in one place and miss so much:


ChiminageOED — ‘A toll formerly paid for liberty of passage through a forest.’ ‘Etymology: Old French cheminage right of way’. (Feudal Law.) Never knew that, and never paid much attention to the road name before yesterday.

They’re starting work on the new allotments, near the Kennet. Hard, slow work, but a beautiful spot:

New allotments (day 1)

And on Saturday, the Kennet was itself looking very fine:


We have other faces, too, of course, and Sunday was an altogether different day, much more suited to catching this:

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