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January 2012

This weekend

The sharp winter weather, clear skies and brilliant sun made this a great weekend for walking and noticing. I’m kind of between cameras, mentally, at least, and all I took with me was my iPhone 4. On the Saturday, I walked further than I’d intended to when starting out: the day was just too good.


Frost and trees

— via Instagram (Earlybird). Rockley Road.


Lichen, stone and iron

— via Instagram (Hefe). Lichen, stone and iron.


Sky, clouds, plane

— via Instagram (Amaro). Sky, clouds, plane. (A Hercules, I think.)


Ice and track

— via Instagram (Hefe). Ice and track.


Abandoned house, Fyfield Down

— via Instagram (Earlybird). Abandoned house, Fyfield Down.



— via Instagram (Normal). The Ridgeway.


Fyfield Down

And this, just via the phone, unprocessed, caught more of the sweep and openness than I’d expected it to, though much of detail of the foreground is lost.

Not bad for a camera that isn’t even one of the “cameras” I think I’m between.