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Not much rubbish

There’s not much rubbish now in our black bin. It used to be full at the end of each fortnight. I took this photo at the end of a week at home on my own and assumed things would be different once there were more of us — but no, not really.

Everyone knows without thinking about it that a lot of packaging must now be recyclable, but it’s still surprising when you can see the difference recycling makes — and more surprising to realise how much household waste (now we make our own compost) is packaging.


That’s one week of recyclable waste, with half of a smallish Labrador included in the picture for scale.

Marlborough Recycling Centre

What’s made the practical difference is the recent opening of our own local household recycling centre. It’s been done very well and turns out to be an appealing place to visit. Waste centres really did use to be tips.

Marlborough Recycling Centre

At the black bin end of things, I wonder when the “secret” chip will start to be used? Remember that story from August 2006?

There’s even a Wikipedia entry: Bin bug.