In the UK, "aspirations are [still] rooted in class"
One size does not fit all

Abundance in IT

The title's nicked straight off of Ross' post ("Chris Anderson gave perhaps the only bloggable talk at the Microsoft Global CIO Summit.  He gave a preview on his upcoming book before 200 Global 1000 CIOs.  This is posted with permission.") — a must-read. Some bits that appeal to me a lot:

Don’t make people jump through a lot of hoops, the cost of experimentation is free.  "Everything is forbidden unless it is permitted" vs. "Everything is permitted unless it is forbidden." ... Let the interns run riot.  They become a source of ideas and innovation at low cost, we identify talent because we can empower the edge. ... The old idea of IT determining what is appropriate prevents experimentation at the edges.  ... who needs a CIO?  The answer is they are necessary, but only if they can adapt to consumer technology and behavior.

The terrifying conclusion to all this is that we may have to trust our employees.