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» Rise eXeem Part Deux: An Introspective from BitTorrent News
eXeem, THE future of P2P? Or a just a platform to it? Many people listened to Sloncek of Suprnova announce the impending arrival of eXeem, this program is one of the hottest BT subjects due to the new direction it... [Read More]

» File sharing case technically stuffed up from BitTorrent News
A SO-CALLED expert witness in an Aussie anti-file sharing case has admitted that some key prosecution evidence does not show piracy taking place. Universal Music Australia and 30 others are taking action against MP3s4free.net music and charging them wi... [Read More]

» School considers legal file-sharing from BitTorrent News
The University has formed a committee to determine whether or not Stanford should negotiate an online music subscription service, which would allow students to download music for low prices, with companies like Napster or Apple. According to Susan Wein... [Read More]